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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

PANASSS... Pemuda PAS Subahat Dengan Festival Gay di KL??? Masyaallah!!!

Suara Pemuda PAS sangat vokal apabila mempertikaikan konsert Elton John di Genting.  Alasannya, cara hidup Elton itu tidak sesuai untuk budaya kita.  

Ok.. and I have no problem with that.  In fact, I do agree with them.  There is no obligations, or needs to let him be there, even for the sake of music.  There is a lot of talented, or popular figure if, Genting really want to have one.  

But, what if the same NGOs who with them, organizing event that beyond our norms dan culture?  Our culture must be defended, not invaded by the name of "human rights".  

It is happening now.  Remember Bershit 2.0? Who supports them?  And the same NGOs involving in this "beginning of our culture disaster".  And I believe, none of any religions in Malaysia would endorse immoral acts such as gays and lesbians.  

Prove me wrong, will ya?  Except who practising "ajaran sesat".. hehehehe..

PAS Youth seems quiet this time.  Is it because their "coalitions" or "supported NGOs" are the sponsors and supporters in this event?

PAS Youth is being biased, if they keep doing nothing.

Maybe, just maybe, PAS allowing this event, after endorsing dan accepting the facts that their PM-in-the-making at all cost, a hero of promoting such activities.  

Only promoting?  What if he is practitioner?  I let all of you to decide..

And yet, PAS want to be a Muslim champion?


Credit to this fellow blogger, and get more info HERE

p/s - sorry, bukan tak sayang bahasa kebangsaan, tapi Pemuda PAS ini jenis yang tak faham bahasa Melayu.. cuba try tengok pakai bahasa omputih sat...


  1. Mohon link dengan blog politik yang baru dibina (Blog Paku Payung. Tkasih.

  2. tweet to semua org about Pas stand


Kepada yang "Anonymous", sila tinggal nama glamer dibawah komen anda. DAP beromen, Pas tanggung, berani komen, sendiri tanggung...hehehehe.. Terima kasih!!

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