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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Exco Perumahan Selangor Dibogelkan Oleh NGO!!! Amekawww..!!!

Iskandar Abdul Samad merupakan exco perumahan, bangunan dan setinggan, merangkap YDP PAS Pandan.  GT boleh katakan, dia antara exco yang paling tidak popular, kerana rakyat tidak nampak apa yang telah dilakukannya selaku exco perumahan.

Apatah lagi apabila melibatkan isu-isu Akidah.. senyap!!!  Mmg ada kriteria-kriteria pak turut...

Tiba-tiba dia muncul, dan mempolitikkan apa yang telah diusahakan oleh DS Noh Omar.  Walhal, apa yang dibuat oleh DS Noh adalah membantu rakyat, dan sebagai balasan, rakyat menjemput beliau dan menteri perumahan dan diberi penghormatan untuk menyerahkan kunci-kunci kepada para penduduk.

Mungkin sudah sampai masanya, Iskandar selaku exco perumahan menuntut janji yang dibuat oleh Khalid Ibrahim pada 2008, iaitu ingin membina 40 ribu rumah kos rendah PKNS. 

Sehingga kini, jangankan sebuah rumah, sedang asset PKNS pun telah hampir habis "difaraidkan".  So, GT cabar YB Iskandar untuk membantu rakyat golongan bawahan, dengan menuntut JANJI YANG DIBUAT OLEH KHALID IBRAHIM. 

Berkenaan dengan publisiti murahan yang cuba dikaut oleh YB Iskandar dengan menyelar DS Noh Omar, sebuah badan NGO yang membantu pembeli telah mengeluarkan kenyataan tentang apa yang berlaku sebenarnya. 

Alahai YB Iskandar... kan malu tak sudah jadinya... 


1. We refer to YB Iskandar A Samad (YBI) statement with regards to the key handover ceremony that we had organized and graced by Dato’ Noh Omar at Ukay Bistari on the 28th Jan 2012. It is regrettable that YBI chose to politicize the matter especially when he had failed in his responsibility in solving abandon housing issue in Ukay Bistari and in many other parts of Selangor. VICTIMS Malaysia would like to put the record straight.

2. VICTIMS Malaysia maintains a close monitoring of the progress of abandon projects in several places in Selangor. At Ukay Bistari, the committee oversees the project development since 2007. In 2007, VICTIMS manage to deliver 103 units of terrace houses after solving the water issue without the involvement of the state or the MHLG. In May 2008, VICTIMS engaged the YB Saari Sungib (SS) to revive the project. He took the imitative and tried to get the buy in from SSG to solve the problem. It took them 2 years to complete a 30m ramp to link the low cost house to the nearest road. The SSG delivered 146 units of low cost house without CF in Feb 2010. The block did not even have a proper water supply. Dato Sri Anwar Ibrahim graced the key hand over ceremony where VICTIMS Malaysia expresses our displeasure publicly.

3. The TCF only came out several months later. The 146 units of houses do not have any CF until today. We acknowledge the limitation of the state and the limited capacity of YB SS in view of the rigid policy of the SSG under the stewardship of MB Khalid Ibrahim. We gave up and had to seek alternative assistance to solve our problems. Subsequently we sought the assistance of Dato Noh Omar.

4. On the 28th Jan 2012 VICTIM organized the key handover ceremony. We honored Dato Noh because her brought the issue to the attention of the cabinet that led to personal intervention of the housing minister.

The housing minister was invited but could not attend as he was overseas. The handover ceremony involves the delivery of service apartments and shops. In our speech we acknowledge the contribution made by YB SS in 2010 for the low cost units. The units that were handed over are commercial units where SPA agreement clearly indicates that the developer can handover the units without any CF.  The facilities are ready with water and electricity connection. YBI statement is highly political in nature,counter productive and do not help the purchasers. VICTIMS can also question YBI on his contribution in solving the problems that is affecting more than 1200 house buyers in Ukay Bistari.

We hope he can come forward and list specifically three actions that he has taken to help the buyers at Ukay Bistari. We also put forward the same challenge to YB Azmin Ali, the MP of Gombak.

5. VICTIMS Malaysia would like to appeal to SSG and to YBI to come forward and assist many other abandon project in Selangor. In Hulu Kelang there are 4 other projects that need the assistance. The victims know who helped and who did not. We know how to show our appreciation to those that had helped. What is clear is that we do not appreciate anyone that politicized the issue without actually helping the victims. We certainly do not appreciate those that make statement with correct facts. In line of the motto of the Ukay Bistari victims, we would like to remind all parties that “we shall remember who helped us and WILL NOT forget who didn’t". The SSG should take this challenge positively if they want the people to support their political ideologies. Politics without service to the people is meaningless.

VICTIMS Malaysia is an NGO and has no political inclination. We prefer to honor those who helped us.

For the record, we have extended an invitation to the PM to do a grand key handover ceremony for the remainder of the units in Ukay Bistari. We will invite YBI or Azmin Ali and the MB if they also help us.

The ball is in their court.

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  1. hohoho
    The ball is in their court.

    that wrong they dont have ball in the first place



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